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The Secret Knowledge Workers' Manual

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It's not easy starring in a corporate job. Here are the secrets that no one tells you about. These need-to-know secrets will make you the stand-out Knowledge Worker in any business.

And it's nothing to do with working harder.

This manual has the 11 Secrets that any Corporate or Business employee needs to know to star in their job.

  • If you have new starters commencing their career in your business, this manual will give them the essential info they need to do well.
  • If you don't feel that you are being rewarded for all your above-and-beyond contributions, this manual will help you get the rewards you deserve
  • If all the work you're doing in your job isn't getting you anywhere, this manual will change that.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Being Indispensable
  3. Being Courageous 
  4. Being Promoted 
  5. Working Without Regrets
  6. Being a Skilled Presenter
  7. Being an Intrapreneur
  8. Being Motivated
  9. Being Disrupted
  10. Having a Plan B
  11. Being Consistent
  12. Laughing is a Healthy Thing
  13. TL:DR
  14. No More Secrets

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The Secret Knowledge Workers' Manual

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