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The Business Storyteller's Activity Book

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You know that storytelling is important in your work and your business. In fact, the best storytellers in your business are the leaders.

Every business has a story to tell and you need to be the teller of that story.

To pitch, to induct, to sell, to persuade, to influence, to show, to tell, to entertain - you need to tell a story.

Stories make an emotional connection.

But where do they come from? How do I structure a story? Is there a template? Or even some story starters that people use?

The Business Storyteller's Activity Book answers all of these questions.

Download it now, and start to tell your story.

Table of Contents

  • Finding Great Business Stories
  • Personal Stories
  • Deeper Personal Stories
  • Structuring Your Story
  • Structuring Your Business Story
  • Stories with Messages
  • The Story Spine
  • Stories with Character
  • Two Must-Have Stories
  • Delivery
  • Business Story Analysis

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The Business Storyteller's Activity Book

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